Tips to Find Right Commercial Movers

movers-near-meIf you are moving from one area to another then you should invest in the appropriate commercial movers. A homeowner or owner of a small business may not immediately recognize that such folks can offer many useful benefits. However, if they check things out they’ll discover that price and convenience are significant advantages provided by these firms.

Before hiring commercial movers you will need to recognize the price for bulk transportation is a major factor. The simple truth is that there is no point in hiring domestic relocation firms because they do not have the capacity or knowledge to transfer bulk items or large number of things. If you pick the wrong company then you’ll suffer on account of delays and additional costs.

The good news is that most commercial movers are prepared to offer storage on the website too as off the website. They can also offer superior price because their facilities are truly created to hold larger items. Some movers also offer storage units which make for easier transfer.

After contacting the commercial movers you should ask them to give you a quote about what lodgings as well as conveniences they’re able to offer. It’s important for you to deal with an organization that can package procedure and transport your items in a professional way. They should also do this with complete security and in the most efficient means.

Additionally it is significant that you make sure after all things and furniture have been fixed and packed in addition to transported and stored correctly. Furthermore, you need to also make sure the commercial movers are prepared to offer all essential help to help unpack the things when they reach their destination. They should also be prepared to work closely with the workers to make sure that each and every process is handled carefully and that each item is correctly taken care of.

The more care and precision with which the business does things the more likely it is that the move will be managed without mishap. Good commercial movers may also offer suggestions about post-move options and whether additional storage is required. If you confine all prices to one group of specialist movers you can not only save your hard-won cash however you can also reduce tension.

Last but not least, when selecting commercial movers you must make sure they offer great customer service. The company that you deal with should also do things in an organized way and they should also make sure that the relocation is done within your budget.

5 Suggestions for Apartment Renovations

If you napartment-remodeling-nyceed renovations done in your apartment or your home, it can be difficult to understand where to turn. With the economy being a little rough, many people are not able to manage new houses or new flats, even if they’ve outgrown the place that they now reside. Renovating can be a great alternative for people who need a little bit of additional space but don’t have financial resources to look into purchasing a new flat or dwelling.

When you make the decision to renovate your apartment or remodel your house, locating a reputable firm can be a large concern. Locating someone who can finish your job without breaking the bank is significant. Below are some tips to help your find a good and reputable business to work with when you need apartment renovations or remodeling at home or your apartment.

Suggestion #1:
Ask around for recommendations from people that you simply know that have recently had renovations or remodeling done. Ask your neighbors, your family, your friends, your coworker, that nice woman who lives down the street, ask anyone who can advise you. Working from a personal recommendation is one of the best means to ensure satisfaction with the company or contractor that you simply hire.

Suggestion #2:
Use the web as a resource. Especially if you don’t understand anyone who can give you a personal recommendation, the net can be a great help in locating a good contractor or firm to do your renovations or remodeling. Looking for companies in your area is as easy as doing an internet search. For example, if you live in the New York City region, a rapid search for apartment renovations NYC, or home remodeling NYC can yield many different choices that are close by.

Suggestion #3:
After you have gotten a list of choices about distinct local firms, continue to use the internet as a resource. Look up the businesses that you’ve found and see what folks are saying about them. Online customer reviews can be quite telling about the work that some of these businesses are doing for other folks.

Suggestion #4:
Find companies or contractors which will come into your home or apartment and do free estimates. Get several estimates for the work that you simply need done and go with the best cost.

Suggestion #5:
Get a written quotation prior to starting any remodeling or renovation work. Additionally get an estimate of the duration of time that it will take to complete the work.


Apartment Remodeling in NYC – What You Need to Know

With an urban area that is among the largest in the world not only in terms of size but in growth of most every industry, New York is ‘the place to be’ for many people. The ever increasing sprawl in the Big Apple has caused the housing costs to be well beyond the economic reach. This brought rise to the popularity of apartment and condo complexes. In the life of these living units, changes may be needed. Remodeling condo and apartment complexes doe’s ideal not only for tenants wanting to boost property value but also for new owners want to inject their own style into their living space and those already living for years and want something new without the hassles of moving into another place.


Condo and apartment remodeling is not an easy task, especially if you are aiming at a project involving the exterior. Such real estate pieces makes use and share common facilities such as heating systems, elevators, hallways and other areas outside personal spaces. Changes on such facilities are generally not permitted.


For larger projects with planned exterior renovations, you have to consider several paperwork’s before getting on with the condo and apartment remodeling in NYC job. First off, researching on the governing rules imposed by the home owners association with which your space may fall under is vital. As these types of living spaces consider a harmonious look an important aspect in the selling point, some changes may or may not be permitted. Not following these rules may lead to higher costs including added maintenance in adapting the original facility design or liability to the association. Other documents that need to be acquired for large, external remodeling may include the architectural blueprints, building contract and a city’s permit application.


Typically, minor NYC condo and apartment remodeling that involves only the interior including changes in the non-structural walls does not pose any issues with homeowners associations. As spaces in these living units are often limited, there are certain renovations that may be done to make the area seem larger and keep things better organized. Creatively adding new cabinets can help in minimizing everyday clutter. Recessed lighting can also add to the illusion of having a much spacious area. There are many things that you may do to your condo or apartment to match it with your lifestyle and taste. This includes soundproofing an area or the whole living unit, repainting, adding conventional appliances, renovation of kitchens and/ or bathrooms, and lighting.


In condo and apartment remodeling, another important thing to consider is hiring a reputable NYC contractor. Whether the project would be big or small, letting competent hands handle the dirty job would prove extremely beneficial especially if you are not a contractor yourself or have no idea and experience at all about fixing things. You would be saving more time and would be able to enjoy the changes in the littlest time of wait possible. Money is always a big issue, but with an able NYC contractor, you are assured of lesser mistakes, minimized risk of having back-jobs and lesser costs in maintenance

Financing your kitchen renovation by selling your jewelry

cash-fold-goldWe could all use a little extra cash, and many of us also happen to have old or never-worn jewelry lying around the house. What if there was some way that one of these elements could be used to procure the other? Wouldn’t it be nice to make some money on items you’re never going to miss, anyway? Well there is, and that solution lies in the simple and potentially lucrative cash for gold in nyc business. Here’s a little bit about how the process works when you decide to sell your gold in nyc. It’s fast. It’s easy. And the profit potential is quite impressive; especially when you consider that you’re usually selling items you have no real use for, anyway.


One of the most alluring things about the cash for gold NH process is just how quickly these transactions can lead from initial inquiry to cash in hand. If you decide to sell your gold at Nyc through an online agency, the process can be completed in just a few short days. However, when you take your jewelry – in person – to local cash for gold in Winter Park, Nyc exchange, you can be on your way with extra money in your pocket the very same day.


Trading cash for gold in Nyc, is easy. You’ve probably got a box or drawer of jewelry that you never wear. Maybe it’s old or broken, or maybe it’s just not your style. Regardless of the reason, if it never gets worn, it’s not doing you any good sitting there collecting dust. You’d be better off trading it in for cash, right? So simply gather that jewelry up and take it to the nearest jewelry store, pawn shop, or cash for gold NH exchange.


Especially considering that when you sell gold Nyc, you’re usually dealing with jewelry that has very little value to you personally, there is good profit potential to be found in cash for gold NH exchanges. The offer made will be based on the meltdown value of the jewelry in most cases. Current market value of the gold itself is taken into consideration, as well as the karat weight. Trading in your old jewelry is a great way to get fast cash for gold in Nyc. The process is quick and easy, and it’s a whole lot more fun to have money in your pocket than a collection of old and useless jewelry tucked away in a box.

Kitchen Renovation Tips that you will Want to Recommend


There are many kitchen renovation NYC ideas that don’t cost all that much to implement if you are thinking along the lines of renovating your kitchen. However, you need to take a long hard look at your present kitchen and decide what features would give you the best value for money. Is there any point in spending money on band-aid solutions that may make the kitchen look better, but will not really make it more modern to work in or add features that would really make a difference to the ease of use?


Kitchen renovation ideas vary based on the type and shape of your space. As an example the most popular one, is an ‘L’ shaped kitchen layout. There are virtually numerous layouts that are innovative, for example, a ‘U’ shaped layout for small kitchen renovation, the dual ‘L’ or parallel displays for the larger ones.

While upgrading your kitchen, stay back and visualize the best design that would match your room perfectly. When designing, you need to determine the location for your appliances, the fridge, stove, oven and perhaps the microwave. You also need to determine where you plan to install your sink. Keeping these in mind when designing your kitchen will assist you to figure out the remaining aspects of your renovation project.

The Sink

Your sink is one of the most important aspects of your kitchen. You need to determine based on your plumbing (if you do not wish to relocate your plumbing) where your sinks should be located. You will then need to measure all specs so that you can purchase the right size sink for your kitchen.

Sinks that have two basins are quite popular where one can be used for washing and other for rinsing or another function. When implementing kitchen renovating ideas, you can even think about placing your sink and dish-washer close to one another for your convenience.


A great kitchen is one that provides sufficient space for storing dishes, glasses, pans as well as various cooking devices. Proper design to allow maximum use of the space for mounting your cabinetry is paramount.

Cabinets may vary in size depending where they are mounted. For instance you can mount smaller sized cabinets on top of your fridge for additional space. The finished result should be elegant as well as practical. You can find various free home design tools on the web that will assist you to design your kitchen based on your layout.

Types of Countertops

Since countertops occupy a large portion of your kitchen, selecting the correct style and color that matches the rest of your setting is a must. Your countertop’s color and design should match the cabinetry, the floor as well as wall colors.

Countertops are made of laminate, solid surface, granite or stone with the last two mentioned being the most elegant as well as the most expensive option. If you are looking for great kitchen renovation ideas but you have a limited budget, then laminate countertop is a very viable option as it resembles granite in terms of look and comes in various styles.

These were some basic ideas for renovation that should give you a start in your home improvement project.

Top 4 tips for an energy-efficient kitchen


An energy efficient kitchen is not only about using sustainable materials and equipment in the kitchen, but It is also about energy-efficient food preparation. Here are some tips to make your kitchen greener.

Buy utensils and cookware that are durable

You should purchase utensils and cookware that will last a long time. Non-stick surfaces have a limited useful life. Instead, you can go for cast iron or stainless steel cookware. You should buy high-quality knives that you can use for a long time.

Choice of stove top

It is difficult to decide whether to use a gas stove or an electric one. Natural gas is a fossil fuel and electricity is generated from coal-burning power plants. From cooking perspective, many people prefer gas due to its easy operation and accurate control of the temperature. It also wastes less heat. If you use an electric stove, use one that has induction elements. These transfer electromagnetic energy directly to the pan, so the cooktop remains cool. It uses half the energy of standard coil elements.

Use energy efficient appliances

You can have energy efficient dishwasher that uses less water. You will now find Energy Star rating available for kitchen appliances which include refrigerators, stoves, freezers, dishwashers, etc.

Energy efficient cooking

With the new models of ovens, you don’t need to pre-heat hem. They come to the desired temperature rapidly and so preheating is not required. So, if you are roasting or baking something, you can put it in the oven right away. By using the microwave for cooking, you can reduce cooking energy by 80%. Pressure cookers are a great way to save energy too. It reduces cooking time by 70%. Best thing would be to eat more salads, chilled food, and other dishes which don’t need any energy at all.

You should always buy fresh and eat fresh. This way you won’t have to reheat food, and so you will be saving energy. Fresh food will also keep you healthy.

4 ways to disinfect your home to keep your family in good health


You can get many disinfectants in the stores, but they are all chemicals. Some of these chemicals might be harmful to your health. There are many chemical-free products that you can use as disinfectants to keep your house clean and germ-free. Here are some of the safest products you can use.



It is a cleansing solution and works like wonder. It is an all-natural disinfectant. It contains acetic acid that gives it antimicrobial properties. It’s a great way to kill mold. It can be used to clean glass, stainless steel, molds, etc.

Hydrogen peroxide


It is a good stain remover for clothes and carpets. If used along with vinegar, it can be a good scum buster for your tile and tub. You need to dilute it with water. You should keep it away from light.

Tea tree oil


It is naturally anti fungal, antibacterial and antiseptic. It is widely used for skincare and cosmetics. It is a good household cleaner too if mixed with water. You can use it to clean your countertops and places where pets have had accidents.

Baking soda


Baking soda can be combined with vinegar to make it an effective cleanser. You can use it to clean refrigerators and microwaves. It can be used to remove carpet odors. If used with lemon juice, it can be used to polish brass and copper.

You can use these products to remove germs in the house. Along with these, you can use the traditional water and soap to clean your kitchen countertops and other areas. It is important to keep your home germ-free for healthy living.

5 smart kitchen storage ideas for your home


You always need to keep your kitchen organized. It is the most functional room in the house, and you will be working here most of the time. So, you should organize your kitchen so that you find the important stuff in your kitchen quickly. Here are some smart kitchen storage ideas. If you need a kitchen renovation in NYC give Tony from Golden I Construction a call, he is the man at luxury kitchen renovations in all of Manhattan.

Custom pantry


You can have a walk-in pantry in your kitchen. There will be pool out baskets, plenty of shelf space and pocket doors. It is a very useful storage space as it includes everything in one place. You can easily see what you have in store and what you haven’t. So, you won’t waste your money on buying duplicate items for your kitchen.

Corner drawers


It is a great way to utilize space. This way you can do something functional with your awkward corners. As the drawers are cut diagonally, it makes them deeper and so more things can be stored.

Utensil drawer


You can keep all your silverware here. These are deep drawers with lots of space for keeping these handy items in good condition.

Rolling cabinet


This cabinet can act as both a storage and counter. You can use it as a kitchen island or a bar cart and take it to any room. It is a very useful cabinet for a small kitchen.

Spice storage


It is a pullout and cabinet rack design is very practical for keeping spices. You can keep it organized and take them out easily when you need them.

The type of kitchen storage cabinet you choose depends on your choice and functionality. These ideas will save you space and are very convenient. You can have these smart cabinets for your kitchen and make your kitchen more organized.

Information about kitchen remodeling in nyc


Ever had a New York City Apartment?  Ever search google for kitchen remodeling near me ? What was one room that you wish you could have remodeled like kitchen remodeling near me? Well for a ton of us the room we invest a great deal of energy in is the kitchen, and in New York City Apartments, kitchen sizes are on the little side!

In New York City we are fortunate to be encompassed by an enormous measure of very much composed, utilitarian and generally modest home outfitting and outline products. The main real issue to be made sense of is the thing that style will suit your financial plan and where to start!

So we should start in the kitchen! Making the best utilization of a little space is intense, however definitely achievable and certainly justified regardless of the initial arranging you put into it. Littler spaces simply imply that you have to think a little bit all the more imaginatively. Most likely one of the fundamental aims behind overhauling a little space is to mystify the visitor with how huge it looks post renovation, while obviously enhancing the functionality of it.

One of the best originator tips for making a kitchen look bigger is to consider decision of shading. Keeping dividers and roofs light and splendid is dependably a top tip, particularly if you have no windows. To upgrade the sentiment floor space, in some cases it is ideal to supplant those hip hued floor tiles with something straightforward and durable. You can get some pretty intense vinyl products nowadays if you’re on a tight spending plan and don’t think you have to fundamentally pick white constantly, attempt other slightly impartial hues like wheat or cream. Adhering to the essentials, picking light cabinetry and deciding on a darker seat top will create a stream between the dividers, deck and seat space and create a hallucination of space. Obviously there are dependably exemptions to the principles and in a few cases if there is sufficient light created through your ground surface, cabinetry and great lighting then a darker foundation on the dividers can likewise look warm and far reaching without feeling jumbled.

A well working little estimated kitchen ought make you more satisfied, as well as significantly more proficient while setting up those unique suppers. The essentials to a kitchen are now and then negligible yet without things like adequate seat space and the right arrangement of machines you can turn out to be genuinely disappointed pretty rapidly. A general guideline in any little kitchen is to keep things straightforward and utilitarian. Consider purchasing kitchen apparatuses, for example, the fridge or dishwasher, that are streamlined and will fit well into limited assigned spots, pick open racking rather than shut cabinetry and if you choose to introduce cabinetry, ensure it has multi leveled capabilities.

Living in a little space likewise requires you to end up a bit of a perfect oddity. Keep your seat beat free of papers and different items that consume up room, recall that you are attempting to create a space for cooking not writing a research paper!

Renovating little kitchens can be really fun. When you have chosen your financial plan, commit to it and configuration a space that will address every one of your issues.

Kitchen Design: What Skills Should You Look for in a Kitchen Designer


Activities that take place in the kitchen set a healthy environment for a family cohesion; this room is the most used of all in a family home. The kitchen is seen as the heart of any house, and therefore it’s designed critical. However, this is only so if the kitchen boasts excellent working environment, especially those of the cooking equipment. Otherwise, a bad design is equally detrimental to a home and family. Choosing a professional kitchen designer can make a notable difference to the finished product. Looking for a reliable kitchen design NYC contractor? Contact Tony, from Golden I Construction.

Designing your kitchen could be trusted with two groups of people, either the kitchen remodelers or you could choose to employ a kitchen designer. However, the specifications of these two groups of people have an enormous amount of difference, though they have some similarities. Generally, a kitchen designer in NYC will possess better-cooking knowledge in addition to having a wider selection of original layout tips for your new kitchen.

Below are some of the skills that a quality kitchen designer should possess:

Advanced Education levels- first, a good certified kitchen designer should have a good understanding of the industry’s set standards that one is required to have to undertake the supervision of a kitchen construction and completion and those involving all the kitchen-remodeling activities. He/she should possess vast knowledge on the national and local design building codes and preferably, the National Kitchen and Bath Association principles. Also, he should be very conversant with the quality of the material to be used in the construction of different types of product designs, for maximum safety during use. This knowledge will be of great help in making a kitchen project a success.

Originality- one other skill that a designer should be gifted in is the ability to make 100% original kitchen designs. This is possible with most designers since most of them have advanced design skills and ideas and will make your kitchen uniquely beautiful.

Excellent communication skills- this may seem like an obvious qualification, but it is critical as it helps the designer to understand the client’s specification requirements so that the these can be transferred into functional kitchen designs that are efficient and error- free.

An excellent researcher- not even the finest designer is good enough to ignore the modern technology inventions in all aspects of life. A professional artist will always be researching to find methods than can be put in place by homeowners to reduce the costs of kitchen design, kitchen renovations, and remodeling. He should also be able to find new and better methods that are cost efficient on an individual kitchen designs, without making the final design less grand.

Assessment skills- a skilled kitchen designer should be in a position to evaluate the client’s budget, specifications and more importantly the lifestyle. This will enable him/her to develop the best kitchen layout ideal for the client’s goals. This would probably lead to repeated customers.

Time frame- a skilled designer will find working even with sophisticated clients’ specification easy thus they will design your kitchen into what you want within the shortest time possible, without comprising the quality of the kitchen design nyc